From complete beginners to advanced


From age 5, a ludic awakening to dance:

  • Fundamental work of gaining spatial awareness (relationship of the child to their dance partner and to the physical arena of performance)
  • The pleasure of individual expression and collective creation


From age 7, instilling notions of choreography and its dynamics:

  • Learning the steps that lead to simple choreographic sequences, repeatable identically
  • Discovering paces of movement: slow, staccato, fast, etc…
  • Cultivating attention to the « spirit » of the classical aesthetic through posture, carriage, work on verticality


From age 9, initiation into pure technical training:

  • Barre work without leg elevation
  • Basic connecting steps (glissades, temps liés…)
  • Jumps (landing on both feet at this stage)

And further:

  • Learning in continuity, according to the aptitudes and possibilities of each student